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How To Make Your Honeymoon a Trip of a Lifetime

Your honeymoon is not a typical vacation, it’s the first official trip you take with your partner after you’re married. It’s a special event that lays the foundation of your marriage. You get to learn a lot of things about your partner, all the while enjoying and relaxing in the most intimate environment. To make the experience most memorable, here are 5 things that should resonate in your honeymoon package to make it the trip of a lifetime!

Make it Specific to what you both like

Don’t plan a generic honeymoon just because your friend did it, or your cousin recommended it. Do actual research, involve your partner, decide on what you both like and want to do on your first vacation as a married couple. This is a chance of a lifetime and you will never have a first honeymoon with your partner again. So make sure you actually plan something that you end up enjoying rather than following some generic itinerary that will feel anything less than satisfying.

Plan ahead

Even though a lot of people like to plan vacations spontaneously, a honeymoon is not a spur of the moment thing. It requires proper planning and research. You don’t want to travel with your spouse and end up wasting time on finding and managing bookings, running after car rentals and waiting on service. You need to plan ahead and make sure everything’s set before you take off!

Spend relaxation time with each other

Apart from all the adventure, make sure to set time aside for relaxation. Book a central coast accommodation with spa, Take a stroll on the beach, sit around a bonfire, have a lazy afternoon sipping drinks or go for massages with your partner. This is the opportunity to spend quality relaxation time with your partner before you both come back to the reality of responsibilities and busy schedules. This time is sacred, use it wisely!

Consider each other’s requirements

On your honeymoon, be sure to pick activities that you both enjoy. Try and find a compromise between things you and your partner likes. This is the time for both of you to have fun together, doing things you both love. These are the stories that will stick throughout your marriage. Otherwise your partner will have a very different memory of your honeymoon than you do!


Don’t rush it

A lot of couples make the mistake of rushing through their honeymoon as an obligation. Make sure you set a considerable number of days aside for your vacation. You need to give yourself time to recover from the travel, go on adventures, do relaxing activities and sight-see before you come back to your daily, hectic routine!


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