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Kakadu National Park Tours to choose from

Choosing the Kakadu National Park Tours as your dream vacation is a great decision. The only bamboozling situation is choosing the Kakadu tour from a range of great options.

The choice becomes easier when you know the various tours offered in Kakadu. You’ve three great options: land, water, and air.

Cruising the Kakadu Wetlands

Yellow Water Cruises

The wetlands of Kakadu can only be enjoyed and marvelled at by going out there. Cruise tours such as the Yellow Water Cruises are a must for all that want to know and see all of the wonders of Kakadu.

The Yellow Cruises of Kakadu has become one of its iconic offers for visitors. Depending on the chosen season for the visit, this year-round cruise out of Cooinda presents ever-changing scenery.

However, don’t expect to enjoy the experience privately for the cruises include a huge number of passengers. Yet, the spectacular vistas presented by the wetlands will make the discomfort bearable.

It’s recommended to schedule the cruise tour at dawn or dusk. These are the times when the wildlife come alive, adding more wonderment to the cruise tour.

Guluyambi Cultural Cruise

A small covered boat cruise starts from a tiny dock near Ubirr to the East Alligator River. Not normally open to tourists, this Aboriginal reserve needs a special permit exclusive to small boat cruise tours.

The highlights provided by this cruise are magnificent views of sandy beaches and large crocodiles. It also includes impressive displays of spear-throwing demonstrations and rock art.

4WD Day tours

Kakadu Cultural Tours

The Kakadu Cultural Tours are day tours to include a visit to Hawk Dreaming, a spectacular “safari lodge” that are owned locally. The day tour includes visiting exclusive sites in Arnhem Land and Northern Kakadu.

There are two major land tours to take advantage of. One is the tour of Hawk Dreaming and the other is into Arnhemlander located in the Western Arnhem Land.

Opting for the Arnhemlander presents an exceptional cultural tour like no other.

Animal Tracks Safari

The Animal Tracks Safari is an open 4WD 7-hour wildlife safari available every afternoon during the dry seasons from May to October. The fascinating tour takes you deep into the Aboriginal country where you’ll have to find and hunt for your dinner.

You also have to cook your catch while being presented with a magnificent sunset view. The setting of the sun also makes the place alive with all sorts of birdlife. The tour allows a maximum of 18 people with one Aboriginal guide.

The exclusive access of Animal Tracks can take you to splendid woodlands and wetlands.

Scenic Flights

Not all the best action in Kakadu is with water and land. Opting to view Kakadu from the air presents an invigorating perspective of how things look below.


The flexibility provided by helicopters is the best way to take pictures of the varied escarpments and floodplains of Kakadu. This is especially advantageous to photographers who want the ultimate flexibility of taking great shots of Kakadu.

Fixed-wing Aircraft Tour

A fixed-wing aircraft tour allows you to enjoy the magnificent views of Kakadu minus the discomforts of land or water travel.

The varied tours available in Kakadu National Park cater to all the needs of multiple visitors. They range from comfortable flight tour packages to land and water cruises. Contact us to choose a Kakadu National Park tour.

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